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Dressing your Bridal Party

It seems like there are infinite options when it comes to bridal party attire. Here are two of my favorite trends to help narrow your choices and hone your style:


Mix it Up

One of the most important things for me is that my bridesmaids are comfortable. I chose one color that will be flattering on everyone and let everyone choose between several different necklines; whatever they would be most comfortable with wearing. Variations of this are trending now: different styles, different colors, mixing and matching. Play around with having multiple choices in your color palette, different fabric textures and prints, and varied dress styles.


For groomsmen, try varying suits or accessories by color palette, or let them provide their own outfit or a more casual mix and match look.


Go for unique tie or suspender patterns, or plan out a more casual ensemble with khakis or even jeans.Check out these articles from The Knot on mix and match bridesmaids and groomsmen trends for more inspiration.


Rent Instead of Buy or Buy Instead of Rent
If you’re hoping to save your bridesmaids some money on their dress, consider a dress rental instead of having them buy. Sites like Vow to be Chic and Weddington Way let customers rent their dresses at a fraction of the retail cost with easy returns, easy sizing, and plenty of options to choose from.


For groomsmen, it seems that the most common way to go is a rental, but why not have them buy? In some cases, buying may be less costly and you can create a custom, unique look that you may not find with a rental. For our wedding, we chose suits in one color from an online shop. Suits come sized according to your measurements, and you can tailor the length to suit your height and preference.


Quick tips:

  • When choosing dress colors, keep your flowers in mind. What colors will complement or make your bouquets stand out?

  • Don’t forget the details. Things like unique cufflinks or tie clips make great groomsmen gifts as well as add a touch of charm.

  • Enlist the help of your bridal party. My maid of honor helped to choose the dresses with feedback from the bridesmaids, and my groom planned out his groomsmen’s suits.  Easy!


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