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One of the best things about Wine Country is that we have a wide variety of gorgeous settings for any event: rolling vineyards, pastoral farms, dramatic redwood forests, and breathtaking coastal landscapes. There’s always something that will fit your style, including the perfect dress.


Finding the dress seems a little daunting at first. It’s important to every bride to find a dress that is truly an expression of themselves while staying appropriate to the venue and style of the wedding day. Classic lace dresses accented with boots and whimsical bouquets may be perfect for a rustic farm or ranch wedding, while a gauzy, flowy dress works well with the delicate light in the redwoods or along the coast. Ultimately, finding the dress is really about your vision for a perfect day.


Here are two tips that I found to be most important for me when searching for the dress:


Do Your Research!  I started off by looking for the different dress styles that would be most flattering for my body type. Everyone has different criticisms about their own body, and finding a style of dress that will be flattering will make you feel that much more confident on a day that can already be overwhelming. For some quick style guides to get you started, check out these articles from The Knot and Real Simple.


You’ll also need to decide on the bridal shops that you’ll be visiting. Once you know where you’re going, you can start looking at the designers that they carry and choosing the style of dresses that you like. I used Pinterest to save my favorites, and the stylist was able to pull specific dresses from those designers that I had pinned and other dresses that were similar in style for me to try on. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these Pinterest boards by The Knot and Wedding Wire.


Don’t Limit Yourself.  Try on as many dresses and visit as many shops as you need or want to. I read so many different articles all with different advice on how many shops you should visit and how many dresses you should try on that I was worried I would be overwhelmed. I wasn’t. The dress I chose was the third dress I tried on at the second bridal shop I visited, but I tried on at least 15 more dresses after that and a handful of dresses at the first shop. Trust yourself. You’ll know when you’re tired of trying on dresse


Quick tips:


Don’t forget that you should be ordering your dress within 9-12 months of your wedding date. Check with your bridal shop for an exact timeline so it’s not a last minute rush.


Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a “Say Yes to the Dress” moment. I didn’t cry when I found my dress, and neither did anyone I brought with me. It’s different for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be emotional to be right.


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