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Of course, working at the girl & the fig, I am a little biased in regard to who the best caterer in Wine Country is. I see firsthand the passion that all of our chefs, managers, and service staff have for amazing food and outstanding service, and I absolutely believe that passion is a large part of what makes the experience of dining with us so magical.  


That magic is definitely in abundance at the girl & the fig CATERS! From the carefully crafted food served at each of our events to the service itself, each piece is planned, created, and presented with the same passion that you can see at each of our restaurants. All of our staff at CATERS! have a hand in this, but our event managers work the closest with their clients to make sure that their event is perfect from start to finish. Who better then to ask for insight on the catering process?


Two of our amazing event managers, Laura and Kathryn, took a short break during one of our busiest months to talk with me about their favorite moments and share their advice for new couples looking for a caterer.


“There is nothing I love more than the process of planning an event with a client. It’s almost like starting with a blank canvas and then creating a masterpiece,” Kathryn told me. “Once you really pinpoint what their vision is for the event, it’s such a thrill to work through the planning, have a bond with the client, see it through on the night of the event and then finish off the process. Seeing the smiling faces at the end of the event and creating special memories is definitely what keeps me passionate about this area of the business!”


“Meeting the client, getting to know them, and then seeing the look in their eyes when they see the venue with all the set-up done on the day of are some of my favorites things about the process,” Laura said. She also spoke about her love for the creativity that goes in to each event: building a menu and creating a table top with a style that speaks to and represents each couple.  “The worst part is saying goodbye!”


I also asked Laura and Kathryn what they think is important to know before looking for a caterer. Here are some things they recommend to keep in mind: Have your venue selected and know if they have tables, chairs, glasses, a full kitchen, and anything else that would need to be rented. Have a budget, but keep an open mind. Catering can be costly, but every proposal is workable for what you need. Have an idea of what you want on your menu. From hors d’oeuvres to dessert, there are a lot of choices to make. Find a caterer that best represents your style. Don’t stress! Your event manager is on your side and has your best interest at heart. If you’re thinking about the girl & the fig CATERS! for your own wedding, peruse this site to find out more about what we offer. You can also follow us on Facebook to see what we’ve been up to and get inspiration from our recent weddings and events.


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